Notes from the Kirkland Suite

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Hello! This is the blog for Chris, Dustin, and Mark of the Kirkland Suite. Our friend Eduardo also stops by very often, so I guess it will be his blog as well. While grocery shopping the other day, I dropped my list and someone found it and uploaded it to the internet. I believe her name is checkingyourmath here on tumblr, but we call her Kelly. She told me that there was an overwhelming response from people online. I am not sure why people are so interested in our lives, but big things are happening in this suite sometimes and I believe it would be best to get our name out there. Feel free to contact us with any inquiries you may have. - Chris

I don't see the point of this. Also, I changed the theme because the one you had before was hideous. - Mark


Hey! I don't live in the Kirkland suite, but I drop by a lot. I hope you guys don't mind if I use this blog sometimes. - Eduardo



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  1. Notes from the Kirkland Suite

    ooc: Talking to the wonderful Julia, and I wanted to let you guys know that NftKS isn’t abandoned. I’m just a busy college student joining organizations and trying to sleep all the time, lol. But yeah. There are IDEAS going on up in my noggin and all up in Julia’s beautiful head and eventually stuff will happen. I’m sorry if it might take till the summer. Because there is that possibility. Or I will do a weekly thing. I will decided eventually. BUT I LOVE YOU GUYS AND THE FACT THAT THERE IS REBLOGGING OF THE GROCERY LIST GOING ON. <3 Hope to update soon!



  9. A Text Conversation Between Chris and Dustin

    Kelly here! I’m going through a lot of hell with the boys for putting this up, but I think you guys need to know. I’d also like to thank Julia for helping me get a hand on these conversations, she’s suffering a bit too. If you haven’t read Mark and Chris’ conversation yet, I suggest that be read first. It can be found here.

    [3:30:30 AM] Chris: i miss you
    [3:43:02 AM] Chris: whyd you have to go home? :(

    [4:29:46 AM] Chris: youre so fucking…

    [6:30:48 AM] Dustin: what? did I do something wrong?
    [6:33:53 AM] Chris: itss ntot alwahys a joke you knoww.
    [6:34:21 AM] Dustin: what?
    [6:40:40 AM] Chris: Dustin, imean it
    [6:42:32 AM] Dustin: Chris, what’s going on? are you okay?
    [6:57:34 AM] Dustin: Chris?

  10. A Text Conversation Between Mark and Chris

    [4:01:38 AM] Mark: Chris, did you tell Dustin?
    [4:02:01 AM] Chris: fuck no are yuo crazy?
    [4:02:20 AM] Mark: …Are you drunk?
    [4:03:13 AM] Chris: mayybe a little shh
    [4:03:40 AM] Mark: You’re drinking at 4 AM.
    [4:06:14 AM] Chris: shut upp like youve nevr don that
    [4:06:53 AM] Mark: When I do, I still type coherently, unlike you. I also often have very good reasons.
    [4:07:23 AM] Chris: Cause youre a freak. and i haev reasons
    [4:07:50 AM] Mark: I’m going to ignore that, because you’re drunk.
    [4:08:06 AM] Mark: Now. What are these “good” reasons of yours?
    [4:09:22 AM] Chris: liek you dont know. isnt that what you were asknig about?
    [4:10:06 AM] Mark: I really doubt you’re drinking because of last Thanksgiving.
    [4:11:02 AM] Chris: thankgibng, who gives a fcuk aobut that?
    [4:11:23 AM] Mark: I don’t want you telling Dustin.
    [4:13:58 AM] Chris: ugh so not even a big dael. why does it matter if he knos?
    [4:14:36 AM] Mark: Because you and I both know how Dustin is. He’ll tell everyone else and then draw a picture.
    [4:16:57 AM] Chris: i like his pictures.
    [4:17:01 AM] Mark: I don’t.
    [4:17:18 AM] Chris: noone lieks you anyay
    [4:17:25 AM] Chris: and all you did was get drukn at tat club and start calling evryone Wardo. it was funny. ecept when you trid to groep me, that was traumatic..
    [4:17:58 AM] Mark: I know what I did. You were very clear about it the morning after.
    [4:18:00 AM] Mark: Also, fuck you.
    [4:19:29 AM] Chris: at laest i treid to preserve your dignity. not my fault you wre wastedd an pining.
    [4:20:52 AM] Mark: Like you?
    [4:21:34 AM] Chris: fuck you, im not
    [4:25:20 AM] Mark: Right. That’s why your reasons for drinking involves telling Dustin.
    [4:27:14 AM] Chris: its complcated mark. you woulnt understand so jsut let it go
    [4:28:22 AM] Mark: You’re being an idiot.
    [4:28:30 AM] Mark: Go to sleep, Chris.
    [4:28:44 AM] Chris: fien whatever